About Us

GeoConcept Geothermal, HVAC and plumbing Consulatnts

Experts Conseil en Mécanique du Bâtiment

Who we are?


GeoConcept is an engineering consulting firm, based in Montreal-Canada, with a projects portfolio spanning all over eastern Canada. We are mainly present in the high end residential and light commercial sector. We specialise in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, plumbing and closed loop Geothermal Design for HVAC systems. Our Designs and Services are unique, smart, energy efficient and client oriented.



  • Provide Quality Engineering consulting services, in the high end residential and light commercial market sector, in a cost effective and efficient way for both the company and its clients.


  • Build a long term relationship with its customers, based on trust, loyalty and partnership.


  • Contribute to the protection of the environment, with sustainable, Green and energy efficient design.




  • Become a leader, in the Montréal metropolitan area, known for its unique customer’s service approach, buy putting customers’ needs and long term interests first.
  • Establish its positive reputation among builders, owners, architects and developers of high end residential and light commercial projects.
  • Develop a highly qualified personnel in the planning, design and site supervision of its various projects.

Core Values


Efficiency: in today’s highly competitive market efficiency is essential to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost to client.


Team Spirit: placing the team’s interest on top of personal interests is part of who we are. Our understanding of a team is: “employees, clients, owners, architects or any other relevant stakeholders”.


Openness to change is a key success factor for people who want to survive in today’s fast changing market.


Innovation and creativity is part of our way to impress our clients, constantly being on the lookout for innovative solutions that have the potential to improve performance.